Yorkshire Dales Guides Adventure Academy

In early 2020 a proposal from the Youth & Development group resulted in the BCA providing funding to the Yorkshire Dales Guides Adventure Academy, a not-for profit scheme aimed at young people in the Yorkshire Dales. The project would take keen young people from the area, and give them not only the opportunity to start caving, but also offer continued training events covering technical skills, safety in the outdoors, conservation and ecology.

In association with the stories in stone programme, Yorkshire Dales Guides have put together this video to promote caving and show how it’s a sport for all ages. The eagle-eyed caver will spot top British climber Steve McClure in the video put together by Hot Aches productions, producers of the Ario Dream, as well as many other fantastic climbing films.

For more information about the Adventure Academy click here. Yorkshire Dales Guides also have a great set of videos on wildflowers of the Yorkshire Dales, which are well worth an hour of your time.

If you’ve got a project you think will promote young people to take up caving, please contact the BCA Youth and Development officer, Josh at 

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