BCA Council

The BCA has a National Council comprising 29 positions which are democratically elected by membership and have a vote on Council:

  • The Officers
  • Group/Club and Individual representatives
  • Regional Council and Constituent Body representatives

There are also numerous additional (non-voting) positions which are appointed annually by BCA Council to serve specific roles/functions.

With the exception of a few key administrative positions, all are staffed by passionate volunteers.

Volunteer to help shape the future of British Caving!

BCA Council meet at least three times per year to conduct the business of the BCA between General Meetings, to progress all of the BCA’s key objectives and facets, react to and explore new ways to benefit caving in the UK and better serve our members.

Election and operation of the BCA Council is set out in our Constitution.

Voting Positions

Executive Officers
Chair (acting)Russell Myers
Secretary (acting)Allan Richardson
TreasurerHoward Jones
Member Representatives
Group/Club (1)Hellie AdamsIndividual Member (1)Martin Hoff
Group/Club (2)Lydia LeatherIndividual Member (2)Pete Knight
Group/Club (3)Josh WhiteIndividual Member (3)Andrew McLeod
Group/Club (4)Idris WilliamsIndividual Member (4)Jenny Potts
You can read more about the group representatives here, and Individual Representatives here
Chairs of Standing Committees
Conservation & AccessWill Burn
Equipment & TechniquesMark Sims
TrainingNigel Atkins
Working Party Convenors
Publications & InformationRostam Namaghi
Regional Council and Constituent Body Representatives
Association of Caving InstructorsStephan NatynczukBritish Cave Rescue CouncilEmma Porter
British Cave Research AssociationJohn GunnCambrian Caving CouncilStuart France
Cave Diving GroupClaire CohenCouncil of Higher Education Caving ClubsDavid Botcherby
Council of Northern Caving ClubsPosition VacantCouncil of Southern Caving ClubsLinda Wilson
Derbyshire Caving AssociationWayne SheldonDevon and Cornwall Underground CouncilDavid Jean
National Association of Mining History OrganisationSteve HoldingNational Caving Scout Active Support UnitTony Radmall
William Pengelly Cave Studies TrustRichard Vooght

Non-voting Positions

Working Group Convenors
Constitution and Manual of OperationsAndrew McLeod
Countryside Rights of Way (CRoW)David Rose
ITAri Cooper-Davis
Qualifications Management CommitteeJuliet Parker Smith
RadonGethin Thomas
VisionHellie Adams
Youth & DevelopmentJosh White
Additional Council-Appointed Positions
Artificial CaveKatie Eavis
British Caving LibraryJenny Potts
FSE RepresentativeGed Campion
Insurance ManagerHoward Jones
Membership AdministratorWendy Williams
Newsletter EditorDavid Rose
Safeguarding OfficerChris Boardman
Training AdministratorMary Wilde
UIS RepresentativeAndy Eavis