Publications & Information

This page is about the Publicity & Information Working Group. For more general information check out the Publicity page.

P&I is currently undergoing an overhaul. A new working group has just been established (July 2020) with these terms of reference. Our strategy for 2020 is to develop P&I to create a real service for our members but also help the BCA listen and communicate with them. We’ve split these into 4 domains and desperately need volunteers to help with these:


  1. Website updates & Document checking
  2. Surveys & Feedback
  3. Demographic updates on our membership


  1. Logos & Digital Stationary
  2. creating a BCA Photo Library
  3. Permissions and help for photographers
  4. Filming (an ad campaign for British Caving!)


  1. Interviews and requests
  2. Social Media Posting
  3. Print Advertising


  1. Proof reading & Publication
  2. Journal club & Surveys
  3. BCA publishing

Hopefully over the coming months we can put a little more detail under these headings but if you feel like you can help or are interested then drop us a line at .


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23/11/2020 – Podcast Feedback Report
21/02/2021 – BCA Demographics Report