Group Membership

Groups can also become members of the BCA. This enables them to support the work that the BCA does, participate in General Meetings, and enjoy other member benefits, such as public liability insurance (where appropriate) and the use of appropriate BCA Logo’s to show their support.

Types of Group Membership

There are three main types of Group Membership; Club Memberships, Associate Memberships, and Access Controlling Body Memberships.

  • Club Membership is for clubs predominantly involved in underground exploration, such as Caving or Mining clubs.
    • All club members must themselves be individual BCA members
    • Clubs will receive member benefits, including public liability insurance, and can join the BCRA
  • Associate Membership is for organisations where a Club Membership is not appropriate because not every member of the organisation is themselves an individual BCA member.
    • Associate Members can participate and support the BCA, and will be supported by the BCA through the work that it does, but will not receive public liability insurance.
  • Access Controlling Body Membership is for organisations that do not have members themselves, but who control access to a cave, mine, or other underground site.
    • Access Controlling Bodies will receive member benefits, including public liability insurance. ACB’s cannot join the BCRA.

Group Member Representatives

Hellie Adams (term ending AGM 2021)

I am a 33 year old woman with a family who lives in Bristol. I used to be an outdoor instructor before ending up as a full time mum for now.
I have been caving since I was 12 and have always loved it and have had the privilege to expire new caves across the world. I am passionate that cavers are great people who are often stereotyped by those outside of caving and under appreciated.

I wanted to be a group rep to help to diversify, but also because I believe British caving is strongest when people from across caving, work together and collaborate. I hoped this would be matched by others who signed up for council when I decided to re-join council after taking a break follow the death of my first child Lily. 

The movement must come from all sides, and sadly I’ve come to the realisation that there are some members on council who have no interest in seeing others points of view, or collaborating with others. This is not an age split, there are younger members of council who I feel fit this description. I will not be standing again sadly, but can be contacted by email any time between now and the AGM.

Lydia Leather (Term ending AGM 2022)

I started caving with Nottingham University Caving Club in 2016 and have since been hooked by the lively student caving community and of course the sport itself. Since then I’ve gone on to crash many student and adult international expedition and cave with as many different humans as I can! I’m a big advocate for getting more women into caving and co-host the Caving Womens Weekend, where we provide a space for women of all ages to experience and create a community. Feel free to contact me about barriers there are in caving and myself and the Y&D team can help overcome them.
instagram: Lyds.Leatherfacebook: @LydiaCLeather

Josh White  (Term ending AGM 2021)

Having been brought into caving through scouts myself, one of my passions is getting young people into caving. I was voted onto council in 2020 into the group rep role but also as the youth and development officer. Having been a member of clubs in somerset, yorkshire and non-caving regions, I’ve got experience of the way views on access, techniques and more can vary region to region. During my time as an group rep I hope to develop the youth offerings from the BCA, supporting the existing routes, and developing further ones into caving. I’d like to see the BCA become more transparent in the things that it’s doing, both good and bad, and engage the membership better. Diversity & Inclusion are key in any large organisation and as a National Governing Body, the BCA are no different, and I hope that during my time in my roles, I can help ensure that caving is a sport available and welcoming for all.

instagram: @joshwhite992
facebook: @joshwhite992
UKCaving: JoshW

Idris Williams – (Term ending AGM 2022)

I first became involved with BCA (or NCA as it then was), in the late nineties when I was arm twisted into becoming NCA training officer. I had for a few years prior to that been interested in Recreational Caver Training and had started with the pathway into the Local Cave Leader award. During time I had a steep learning curve into the professional side of Training. I held this post for about 5 years until a more suitable candidate came forth allowing me to step down. About this time I helped to found the Association of Scout Caving Teams (now transformed into the National Scout Caving Support Unit), and as Chairman represented this organisation on BCA Council for many years.

I think that with the removal of the Club vote, the role of Club representative has become more important and suggest to Clubs that they should use me to bring matters that affect them to my notice.   
I am by nature in favour of the many reforms being currently introduced to BCA but feel that we should be cautious to avoid “the baby being thrown out with the bathwater”.