Group Membership

Groups can also become members of the BCA. This enables them to support the work that the BCA does, participate in General Meetings, and enjoy other member benefits, such as public liability insurance (where appropriate) and the use of appropriate BCA Logo’s to show their support.

Types of Group Membership

There are three main types of Group Membership; Club Memberships, Associate Memberships, and Access Controlling Body Memberships.

  • Club Membership is for clubs predominantly involved in underground exploration, such as Caving or Mining clubs.
    • All club members must themselves be individual BCA members
    • Clubs will receive member benefits, including public liability insurance, and can join the BCRA
  • Associate Membership is for organisations where a Club Membership is not appropriate because not every member of the organisation is themselves an individual BCA member.
    • Associate Members can participate and support the BCA, and will be supported by the BCA through the work that it does, but will not receive public liability insurance.
  • Access Controlling Body Membership is for organisations that do not have members themselves, but who control access to a cave, mine, or other underground site.
    • Access Controlling Bodies will receive member benefits, including public liability insurance. ACB’s cannot join the BCRA.