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BCA Council

The BCA elects most of its council members at the AGM. If you’d like to stand for a BCA Council position that is up for re-election at the next AGM (and we really encourage you to!) then please see the vacancies below. If there are any queries then please get in touch with the Secretary who can help guide you through the process.

Timeline to the AGM 2021

The AGM is where proposals to change things in the Association get voted on. It can be quite complicated to work out the bureaucratic machinery of the BCA so if you have an idea and would like some advice please email our Constitution and Operations Group.

Monday 26th July (Midnight) deadline for submission of proposals & nominations to go to the AGM.

Tuesday 27th July the Council Meeting before the AGM

Sunday 29th August the AGM Agenda will be posted

Sunday 3rd October – Deadline for reports being made available (this is to the membership, there is an internal deadline a week earlier).

Sunday 10th October the AGM

Tuesday 9th of November the close of online voting

Council vacancies

To submit your nomination for a position please fill in this form

PositionTerm LengthCandidates
Chair (Nominations no longer open)2021-2024Rostam Namaghi (10644)
Russell Myers (00708)
Secretary (Nominations no longer open) 2021-2024Allan Richardson (00022)
Training Officer* (Nominations no longer open) 2021-2024Steve Gray (?????)
Equipment & Techniques Officer*2021-2024
Publications & Informations Officer*2021-2022
Group Representative (2 positions)2021-2023Josh White (14859)
Individual Member Representative (2 Positions)2021-2023
*Note that this may be subject to proposals presented at the AGM.


You can find the proposals to the 2021 AGM here

Working Groups

BCA Working Groups are appointed by Council to perform tasks to further the Association’s aims. These groups are often looking for volunteers. Currently, the following groups have expressed a need for volunteers:

Working GroupConvenor Contact
IT Working
Publications and Information