Meet the Individual Member Representatives

These profiles will be available under the individual membership tab on the website. The next openings will be this October at the AGM.

Martin Hoff (Term ending 2021)

I have been around British caving for thirty years, caving most frequently in, and with visitors to, south Wales but regularly further afield including numerous expeditions supported by Ghar Parau Foundation. Involvement in the workings of BCA was sparked by hearing various things via rumour and hearsay and preferring to take a proper interest and find out direct from source. My primary interest is in understanding BCA’s direction of travel and how approaches vary across the different caving regions – no claims to having the answers but definitely better aware of the questions. 

Pete Knight (Term ending 2021)

I’m a Derbyshire based caver that can be regularly found in North Wales and the Dales too. I’m a caving instructor by trade but am also an active member of the TSG and DarksideCMC. I’ve been the Derbyshire Caving Association Projects Officer for a few years and I can often be found out and about putting lids on shafts or sticking new BCA anchors in. I’m also a Team Leader in DerbyshireCRO, but I hope not to meet anyone in that capacity!

I took my first steps into the BCA world when I took on the Individual Member representative post. When I saw the vacancy I felt it was my time to put my hand up to do my bit at national level. I came into the position with no specific agenda other than to do my part in keeping BCA on the path to modernisation and being a body cavers can be proud to have. I’ve got an interest in seeing the training side of the BCA flourish too as that is my main profession. I’m there to represent the views of ordinary cavers, and to stay in touch with them I have a good circle of contacts I cave or dig with and I’m often studying the replies to the latest hot topic on UKCaving.
UKCaving: Pete KTwitter: @caverpeteemail:

Andrew McLeod – term ending (2022)

I am a more recent convert to caving than many. Although I am a member of four clubs (EUSS, BEC, YSS, SWCC) I believe I represent individual cavers on BCA Council. I have supported improvements to democracy within BCA, such as online voting, which gives the elected members a much stronger mandate to work for cavers and caving. Members of council and the other caving bodies should be accountable to those they represent, and I invite any individual caver with an issue to contact me.
UKCaving: andrewmc

Jenny Potts – (term ending 2022)

I joined Derbyshire-based Orpheus Caving Club in 1965 and have caved with the club all over the UK and Ireland as well as abroad in Europe, the USA and Canada. During Club visits to Arctic Norway in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s I was involved in discovery and surveying of new caves. 

I’ve held various roles within Orpheus (as well as in DCA, NCA, BCRA and BCA), including: newsletter editor, librarian, treasurer, secretary and chairman. In 1992 I was part of the group of cavers who organised the survey that eventually led to the introduction of club membership for the NCA, in turn leading the transformation of NCA into the BCA, with introduction of individual membership. Other major projects I’ve been involved with on a national scale include proposing the subject of access to caves as part of the CRoW Act, becoming the first leader of the BCA CRoW working party, and helping set up the British Caving Library, subsequently becoming responsible for its organisation and running.
I am a supporter of the continuing evolution of BCA into a national body that all British cavers can be proud to be a part of. 
UKCaving: Jenny P

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