Covid Roadmap Update

This applies only to England; cavers in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should consult the advice offered by the devolved governments for those nations. Cavers should refer to the Regional Councils for area specific advice. Please note that no caves are currently closed due to Covid.

17th May: Step 3 allows up to 2 groups of 6 or two households to meet indoors and stay overnight. There appear to be no travel restrictions and with upto 30 people meeting outdoors, the situation should open up for a return to more “normal” caving activities.

21st June: Step 4 clears the way to life pre-Covid although it is likely mitigations such as social distancing, hand washing etc. will remain.

As always we recommend following the news for national and local guidelines. If we are made aware of anything affecting cavers or caving we will do our best to post here promptly.

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