Changes to the BCA Executive

It is with regret that we announce that Phil Rowsell has resigned as BCA Chair.

Phil has lost his father recently, and feels he is now unable to put the effort in time and conviction into the role that would satisfy his high standards.

We would like to thank Phil for his drive and direction that he brought to the Chairmanship during his tenure.

Following a period of consultation with a number of people the following changes have taken place:

  • Russell Myers moves from BCA Secretary to BCA Chair.
  • Allan Richardson is co-opted as BCA Secretary.
  • Howard Jones continues as Treasurer.

Allan is currently CCC Secretary and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. All three are experienced cavers with many decades in the sport. All three have served in other caving organisations in a variety of roles. Most importantly all three are mature and resilient. We therefore believe that the new BCA Executive is well placed to meet the demands of the organisation as we go into 2021.

Russell Myers, Allan Richardson, and Howard Jones

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