BCA Membership Fees 2020

The BCA can now announce our membership rates for 2020. There are some changes to previous years mainly affecting DIM membership:

Club Individual Members (CIMs):
No change from 2019
Active caver (those participating in caving/mine exploring/digging etc): £17 Non caver (those not participating in caving/mine exploring/digging etc): £6 Student caver (in full time undergraduate education): £8 Under-18s (on 1st January 2020): Free

Direct Individual Members (DIMs):
We are pleased to say that the DIM rates for 2020 has been reduced to match those of CIMs above. This represents up to a £5/year reduction compared to 2019. We are conscious that a very small number of proactive DIMs have already renewed for 2020 but at 2019 rates; please contact us to arrange a refund.

Joint DIM membership:
There is no longer any discount for joint membership as this discount was based on posted publications being shared, but these no longer exist. However, thanks to the reduction in DIM prices, the cost of two DIM memberships is now less than the former Joint DIM membership rate so our Joint DIM Members will also enjoy a small reduction.

Note on overseas CIM/DIM members:
If you live outside the UK and do not go caving in the UK (but you cave elsewhere) you are now entitled to pay the ‘non-caver’ rate, due to the reduced relevance of some of our membership benefits to you.

Club subscription rates:
No change from 2019

  • Up to 10 members: £25
  • 11-20 members: £35
  • 21-30 members: £50
  • 31-40 members: £60
  • 41+ members: £70

Access controlling bodies or accommodation providers:
No change from 2019
Additional £60

Associate membership:
Reduced from £55 (2019) to £25 (2020)
Note; Associate members DO NOT receive membership benefits including public liability insurance.

Why join the BCA?
The BCA is the UK’s national body for underground exploration. Your membership money goes towards funding conservation, education, access, training workshops, anchor installation, the British Caving Library (a library, archive and key resource), publications on matters that affect caving, international expeditions, plus numerous other activities which benefit cavers nationally. Almost all cavers will benefit from work funded by BCA from your membership money, both directly and via the Regional Councils, as well as via our recent efforts to support student and youth caving. Your money goes back into the sport, as well as covering the cost of the public liability insurance which we provide to all full members as a membership benefit. Thank you for joining the BCA!

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