AGM Update

The proposals going ahead to the eAGM on Sunday the 10th of October 2021 have been submitted and can be found here.

We have had five candidates apply for four positions:
– Rostam Namaghi and Russell Myers both running for Chairman
– Allan Richardson running for Secretary
– Josh White running for Group Member Representative
– Steve Gray running for Training Officer

This means there are still several positions to run for, namely:
– Equipment & Techniques Officer*
– Publications and Information Officer*
– A Group Member Representative
– Two Individual Member Representatives

If you’d still like to run then please use this form.

Here’s a brief explanation of these roles:

The Equipment & Techniques Officer*: The E&T Officer is responsible for convening the E&T committee. This committee helps regions with things like the anchor placement scheme. A term lasts 3 years.

Publications & Information Officer: The P&I Officer is responsible for BCA Publishing and its Information services. This has radically changed over the last few years and has a working group. You can find out more here. A term lasts 3 years.

Group Representatives (1 post): These are two year terms elected from the general membership to represent the views of clubs.

Individual Member Representatives (2 posts): These are two year terms elected from the general membership to represent the views of individual cavers.

*There is a proposal to disband the E&T committee and the P&I role would be amended to a non voting council position if it passes.

We plan to run a small debate and put out information on why people are running over the next two months. If you have any thoughts/questions/ideas for helpful formats then please fill in this form and we will do our best to implement it.

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