Training - LCMLA Update Workshops (formerly known as revalidations)

Application forms and payment must be sent to the Training Administrator at least 6 weeks before the workshop date in order to secure your booking.

If you cannot find a suitable course listed below please contact BCA Training Administrator.

These workshops are filling fast! Book early to be sure of your place.

If the booking deadline has passed please phone Training Administration as you may still be able to join the workshop.

As from 01/07/2016, if you have caves and or mines on your certificate or wish to add new ones from an area other than that in which you are going to update, you must contact a Trainer Assessor from that area to agree that those sites may be on your new certificate after the update workshop. The update workshop leader will ask to see evidence that this has been done – such as an email. Contact details for all Trainer Assessors can be found on this website.

The workshop booking form can be downloaded from the Downloads page here.

LCMLA Update Workshops In 2018

22nd March Booking Deadline
8th February
Northern England Steve Banks 1 & 2 Cave
DATE CHANGED TO 19th April Booking Deadline
8th March
North Wales Nigel Atkins 1 & 2 Mine
30th April Booking Deadline
19th March
Derbyshire Kev West 1 & 2 Cave &Mine
12th May Booking Deadline
31st Mar
South Wales Rich Hill 1 & 2 Cave
19th May Booking Deadline
7th April
Southern England Stephan Natynczuk 1 & 2 Cave
4th June Booking Deadline
23rd April
Northern England Graham Derbyshire 1 & 2 Cave
3rd September (changed from 1st) Booking Deadline
23rd July
North Wales Dave Baines 1 & 2 Cave and Mine
12th September Booking Deadline
17th August
Southern England Tony Smith 1 & 2 Cave
22nd September Booking Deadline
11th Aug
South Wales Peter Blackburn 1 & 2 Cave
28th September Booking Deadline
16th Aug
Derbyshire Phil Baker 1 & 2 Cave and Mine
3rd November Booking Deadline
22nd Sept
Northern England Graham Mollard 1 & 2 Cave
Date changed to 22nd November Booking Deadline
2nd October
Southern England john Crowsley 1 & 2 Cave
23rd November Booking Deadline
18th October
Derbyshire Nigel Atkins 1 & 2 Cave &Mine
1st December Booking Deadline
20th Oct
North Wales Gethin Thomas 1 & 2 Cave

LCMLA Update Workshops In 2019


26th January Booking Deadline
15th December 2018
South Wales Vaisey Bramley 1 & 2 Cave and Mine
8th February Booking Deadline
28th December 2018
Derbyshire Dave Baines 1 & 2 Cave & mine
6th April Booking Deadline
25th Feb
North Wales Peter Knight 1 & 2 Cave
18th May Booking Deadline
6th April
South Wales Gary Evans 1 & 2 Cave and Mine
7th September Booking Deadline
26th July
North Wales Chris Jowettt 1 & 2 Cave
28th September Booking Deadline
17th August
South Wales Andy Lewington 1 & 2 Cave and Mine
7th December Booking Deadline
27th Oct
North Wales Nigel Atkins 1 & 2 Cave