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It transpires that gremlins have crept into our email address for returning ballot forms and some members have been sent / using the wrong type of hyphens. (Apparently there are several types of '-'.) If your attempt to return the ballot form fails, then please type the email address agm2017 at bca-vote.online (replacing the at by @) and it should then go through.

Profuse apologies.

Bob Mehew Dave Cooke

BCA Ballot Sending Officers

21 August 2017

As you may be aware, BCA has sent out a pre-ballot email to test its email list and will be sending out the Ballot Papers in the next few days. We are now getting reports from some people that the email has ended up in their junk mail folder. Would you check your junk mail folder to ensure you did receive the email sent last weekend and again later next week to check you did get the Ballot Paper. If after the 1st September you have not received the Ballot Paper either by email or by post, you can contact BCA Secretary by email on secretary at british-caving.org.uk (replace ' at ' by @) to organise the sending of another paper.

Duplicates will only be sent to the address we hold as a security precaution.

Bob Mehew

BCA Ballot Sending Officer

21 August 2017

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