Statement on Russian invasion of Ukraine

BCA (in conjunction with BCRA) absolutely deplores the aggressive invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the subsequent war which was entirely fabricated by the Russians without justification.

In a civilized society, war has no place in resolving disputes and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian people and in particular their caving community in support of their efforts to resist the Russian aggression and reverse the invasion of their country in whatever ways we can.

In particular, we would like to extend a helping hand to Ukrainians in finding a safe haven in the UK and urge our 6,000+ members to do what they can to help these people by offering accommodation or making donations and everything in between.

Having seen the response from the UK caving community in one man’s hour of need during the recent South Wales rescue, I can only imagine the huge amounts of kindness and generosity which can be offered to significantly more people in their hour of need.

Whilst clearly writing this for the benefit of all Ukrainians, it would be even more heartening to think we could extend that helping hand to anyone from the Ukraine caving community and offer them some solace of normality and support knowing they are amongst like-minded people.
To say this situation is unbelievable is an understatement and not something I imagined could ever happen in my lifetime. I hope that the UK caving community will respond in the best possible way.

My heartfelt support goes to the Ukrainian people and cavers in particular with a wish that this whole ghastly situation is soon resolved in their favour.

Russell Myers, BCA Chair

2 replies on “Statement on Russian invasion of Ukraine”

Fabricated ?
Dont you believe that nato and western governments pushed Russia into a corner.
Even though I disagree with the war I also believe listening only to western media gives a one sided narrative.
Since you make a statement what are your thoughts on the Ukrainian nazi death units ?
In all I think the caving community should stick to what it does know and not what it thinks it knows.

Hi Sean,
This has been much discussed on UKCaving – you might find this thread in particular a good place to continue the debate.
All the best,

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