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Posted on 01/07/2020 LCMLA Scheme *

Anyone who has completed their module 1 or 3 assessment but is unable to complete module 2 or 4 within the normal years deadline due to COVID 19, will be given a 6 month extension. After 6 months the arrangements will be reviewed in the light of the COVID 19 state of play.

* Posted on 21/06/2020 *

COVID-19 Updates for BCA Award Holders - please download and read

Update 21/06/2020 - QMC Advice for LCMLA and CIC Scheme Members

QMC COVID 19 Advice 3 QMC LCMLA and CIC COVID 19 Advice 3

Update 25th May 2020 - QMC Advice for LCMLA and CIC Scheme Members

QMC COVID 19 Advice 2 QMC LCMLA and CIC COVID 19 Advice 2

Update 15 May 2020 - QMC Advice for LCMLA and CIC Scheme Members

QMC COVID 19 Advice 1 QMC LCMLA and CIC COVID 19 Advice 1

Posted on 11/05/2020

Following the government's COVID-19 announcement on Sunday 10th May, and any further clarification in the briefing due on Monday 11th May, the Qualification Management Committee (QMC) will issue an update relating to the LCMLA and CIC schemes as soon as possible.

Posted on 02/04/2020

LCMLA and CIC Schemes - Temporary Arrangements Due To COV-19 QMC actively discourage cave and mine exploration at the present. Inability to get underground during this will be reflected in course pre-requisites when things return to normal.

If you are training for or hold an LCMLA or CIC award please note that all time limited aspect of the schemes will be extended for six months from the first day of 'lockdown'. This applies to all updates, completion of LCMLA Mod 2 or 4, and CIC modules.

These arrangements will be reviewed as time goes on.

Provisional booking for workshops beyond August can be made and if you have individual concerns please email the Training Administrator who works from home.

Please stay safe

Mary Wilde of behalf of the Qualifications Management Committee.

Posted on 17/03/2020

COVID 19 In the light of recent government advice, to reduce non essential travel around the UK, all BCA LCMLA and CIC workshops will be postponed until further notice. BCA award holders who are due to attend an update workshop between now and 30th September 2020, will have a 6 month extension to their award expiry date. This also applies to trainer/assessor workshops.

Those already booked onto a workshop will be contacted in due course by the workshop director, to arrange a suitable future date. This advice will be reviewed as more information becomes available.

Juliet Parker-Smith (QMC chair)

LCMLA and CIC Certificate Reminders IMPORTANT

Don't forget to check the expiry date on your CIC or LCMLA certificate. You must update it before that date. Reminders are now sent out a year in advance but we can't guarantee their arrival - the post can let us down and you may have moved house.

Posted on 05/02/2019

Safety Notice Dales Caves. Please download and read the full document below

Stability Issues at the Entrances to Yorkshire Dales Caves

Stability Issues at the Entrances to Yorkshire Dales Caves

To All it May Concern

It has been brought to our attention by various sources that there are potential stability issues in some of the entrances to led group caving/mine exploration venues in the North of England. The instability is a naturally occurring process, but may have been accelerated by the recent spells of very cold weather and the freeze/thaw process.

The venue in question currently is -

Runscar Cave – Runscar 4 Lower Exit

• This concerns specifically the lower ‘letterbox’ exit to Runcar Cave 4 • Continued deterioration of the downstream ‘letterbox’ exit • Large slab fallen in exit crawl and subsequently removed • Loose freshly cleared rock on the surface • Concern that ceiling height in the flat out crawl may be lowering

Overhead instability is a known hazard, particularly at entrances to underground venues, and after extreme weather events such as very heavy rain or very cold periods of snow and ice.

A reminder is given to all BCA Cave Leaders and Instructors, and recreational cavers alike, to be aware of the issues and to ensure that an adequate risk assessment of any caving activity venue is made on each and every visit, in line with advice given on training courses.

Graham Derbyshire Area Liaison Officer, Northern Panel BCA Local Cave and Mine Leader Assessment Scheme

Posted on 26/03/2018

The BCA’s Qualifications Management Committee (QMC) has a policy of fair and equitable allocation of courses as far as practicably possible, through the Local Panels and CIC Panel. These are itemised below for clarity.

LCMLA Training and assessment courses – candidates are free to choose any Trainer/Assessor (T/A) within the guidelines in the LCMLA Handbook. T/As can advertise their courses on the BCA website, but charges are not advertised.

CIC Training courses - candidates are free to choose any CIC T/A

CIC assessment modules – candidates choose their main assessor. BCA Training Administrator allocates the Module 2 assessor on a rota basis

LCMLA Update workshops – Local Panels allocate the provision of these to T/As on a rota basis CIC Update workshops – CIC Panel allocate these on a rota basis

Core Skills Reassessments (CSR)–candidates apply using the appropriate form. Once QMC agree a CSR is required the BCA Training Administrator allocates a local T/A( for LCMLA) or CIC T/A (for CIC) on a rota basis

LCMLA T/A Workshops – these are allocated to Local Panels to agree who runs these when required by QMC

Membership of QMC – Local Panels agree Area Liaison Officers (ALOs) who have a place on QMC. CIC Panel agree the reps they send.

The proposed route to appoint Chair and Deputy Chair (as noted in QMC minutes 26 2 18) is to advertise the positions to T/As in the near future and hold a recruitment exercise (to be discussed next meeting).

Membership of Local Panels – the appointment of new T/As has been handed back to Local Panels They are best placed to recognise the market requirements in their area

The BCA Training Administrator does not suggest specific T/As to prospective cave leaders.

Posted 16/03/2017

New Charges From 01/01/2017

Please see the new charges for the LCMLA and CIC Schemes which come into force from 01/01/2017. We have managed to keep the charges static for some years now but are having to put them up in order to cover increased costs. Qualifications Management Committee.

LCMLA Registration £65.00
Combined LCMLA & CIC Registration £85.00
CIC up-grade from LCMLA Scheme £25.00
LCMLA Revalidation Workshop Fee£80.00
LCMLA Core Skills Reassessment£200.00
CIC Revalidation Workshop£80.00
CIC Modules Exemption Application£30.00
LCMLA Training Exemption Fee£40.00
LCMLA Combine Modules 2 & 4 Fee£50.00
LCMLA Additional Cave and/or Mine Sites£25.00
New Logbook£15.00
Re-issue of report pages£15.00
New Logbook and report pages£20.00
Replacement Section 5 £20.00

Posted 22/04/2016

LCMLA Revalidation Workshops. |

As from 01/07/2016, if you have caves and or mines on your certificate or wish to add new ones from an area other than that in which you are going to revalidate, you must contact a Trainer Assessor from that area to agree that those sites may be on your new certificate after revalidation. The revalidation workshop leader will ask to see evidence that this has been done – such as an email. Contact details for all Trainer Assessors can be found here lcmla_ta