Training - LCMLA Registration

To register for the Local Cave & Mine Leader Assessment Scheme

  • Download the LCMLA Registration Form or
  • Contact BCA Training Administrator for a registration form.
  • Complete the Registration Form and send it, together with the registration fee, to BCA Training Administrator.
  • You will be sent an LCMLA Registration Number, logbook, LCMLA Handbook and free leaflets.
  • The LCMLA Handbook Edition 3, including the Syllabus and Notes for Candidates, can also be downloaded free from the Downloads Section as a print only Acrobat File (Parts 1-6), or purchased from the BCA Training Administrator for £10 inc p&p.
  • Part 7 Communications Directory, including a list of all BCA approved LCMLA Trainer / Assessors, is a separate free dated download, and updates will be posted in the Downloads Section as necessary.
  • There is an option on the Registration Form to register for the Cave Instructor Certificate Scheme at the same time.