BCA Reaction to "Britain's Biggest Adventures"

Caving is an exciting, challenging and rewarding sport suitable for most fitness levels and giving the average person the opportunity to see things that few others have experienced. We are extremely lucky to have world-class caves on our doorstep and anything that might encourage newcomers to try the sport, or that simply improves public awareness of what is beneath our feet, is to be encouraged.

Unfortunately the recent ITV series “Britain’s Biggest Adventures” falls badly short of the mark. Not only was Bear Grylls, the show’s presenter, very poorly equipped, but he also apparently set off underground knowing that water levels were very high and likely to rise further.

By its nature caving has its hazards, but enjoyed responsibly has a superb safety record. Every week across the UK hundreds of people venture underground for the first time and for some of these a lifelong passion is awoken. The British Caving Association would like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone to experience the unique underground environment for themselves, but to do so with due care and common sense.

Damian Weare (BCA Secretary)
15 October 2015