National Cave Registry - Aims

This is a first attempt at a set of Aims (Oct 2005).

Please forward any comments or suggestions to the Mailing List or Registry Co-Ordinator.

  • To promote and support the systematic collection, recording and publication of information about the subterranean world.
  • To maintain a comprehensive list of all sites within the British Isles of interest to cave and mine explorers.
  • To act as an index or link into the other sources of information, regional or otherwise.
  • To record other data about sites as deemed useful and practical.
  • To make The Registry's information available as widely as possible with due regard to the intellectual property rights of the information providers and possible abuses of the information by commercial organisations or otherwise.
  • To set and adopt standards in conjunction with other similar organisations.
  • To recognise that a single centralised system is impracticable and that a distributed system of collection and recording is essential.