Agenda item 30: Disbanding of the Legal and Insurance standing committee

The L&I standing committee is a throwback to the days of the NCA. There has never been a formal meeting of the L&I Committee since the creation of BCA. Insurance matters have been dealt with almost exclusively by myself acting in the Council appointed role of PL Scheme Manager and legal matters have been dealt with by an individual officer with little reference to Council or the Executive.

The October Council meeting agreed a motion “To delete the post of ‘Legal & Insurance Officer’ & split the role into two posts” and the January 2018 Council meeting agreed “As required, the Executive seek the opinion of one, or more, currently practising legal professional for legal matters, as they arise”. However, as a standing committee, it is not in the gift of Council to appoint (or remove) the L&I Officer who heads the L&I Committee, this is a matter for the AGM.

Disbanding the L&I Committee will simply regularise the situation agreed by Council and reduce the bureaucracy surrounding the appointment of officers to deal with insurance and legal matters. Council can then deal with these matters as and when they need to.

I therefore propose that:

The Legal and Insurance Standing Committee be disbanded and Council be empowered to appoint officers to deal with legal and insurance matters as they arise.

NB: the status and operation of standing committees is defined in the constitution but the actual creation of standing committees is a matter for the AGM, and hence this is not a proposal to amend the constitution.

Proposed: Nick Williams.