Agenda item 29. Establishment of Youth and Development Standing Committee

That the BCA form a standing committee, known as the ‘Youth and Development’ committee, or abbreviated to Y&D Committee. This shall replace the existing co-opted position of Youth and Development officer, and take on the role and members of the Youth and Development working party. The new committee will be headed by the Youth and Development Officer (abbrv. Y&D Officer). The budget of the Y&D Committee shall be rolled over from the existing youth and development budget.

This committee shall work to represent the interests of all young cavers, including both student cavers, and those under the age of 18 (such as those in scout teams). Aims of the committee will include (but are not limited to): assisting the formation of new university clubs and scout caving teams; improving access for under 18s; liaising with university unions and guilds; and generally improving the lot of younger cavers.

Proposed: David Botcherby, seconded: Les Williams

Replacing the Y&D working party with a standing committee gives a more permanent nature to the work being done by its members, and gives a voting position on the national council to the Y&D Officer. As a standing committee, the Y&D Committee will be open to representatives from each Regional Caving Council and National Body of the BCA. The Y&D Committee will also have the ability to co-opt experts at their discretion, their business being their own to conduct. Forming a Y&D Committee would reaffirm the BCA’s commitment to their younger members, recognising their specific needs, which differ from those of the general membership. Working to represent younger cavers is an imperative of the BCA, and continuing the good work of the youth and development working group into the future will ensure this.