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-====== ​Overview ​======+====== ​Executive ​======
-//(to be completed)//​+BCA Executive is governed by Section 6.14 of the Constitution.
-Executive is made up of: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. In additional Council may +===== Members =====
 +The Constitution states that the Executive is made up of: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary but that [[council:​start|Council]] may then add further Members, as may be deemed necessary.
 +===== Role =====
 +The Executive'​s main role is to manage the affairs of the Association between Council Meetings. In practice this means:
 +  * assisting with, and advising on, the running of Standing Committees and Working Groups, as needed;
 +  * facilitating efficient working of the Association by acting as a '​filter'​ through which proposed changes are initially run;
 +  * making any urgent decisions, and subsequent actions, that may become necessary for the good of the Association;​
 +  * calling an [[general_meetings:​egm|Emergency General Meeting]], should the situation require it.
 +===== Method of Working =====
 +By its very nature, the work of the Executive is varied and, therefore, dealt with by the appropriate means at the time. This includes: face-to-face meetings; phone calls; e-mail; and, probably in the future, web conferencing.
 +When decisions or advice involve the work of a Standing Committee or Working Party, Executive will normally consult as many specialists (usually members of the appropriate Standing Committee or Working Party) as possible, given the required timescale for decision making. The final decision will then normally be made following the advice of the Standing Committee Convenor. It is extremely unlikely that a decision involving a Standing Committee would ever need to be taken by the Executive only.
 +===== Decision Making =====
 +Decision making is almost exclusively by discussion and mutual agreement. However, in the event that a vote becomes necessary, the Secretary and Treasurer shall have one vote each, and the Chairman the casting vote.
 +===== Procedure for Absence =====
 +In the event of one of more Members of the Executive being away and out of contact, the remaining Member, or Members, should aim to deal only with the most urgent, or non-controversial business. Should something urgent arise, then no one single member of Executive should deal with it on their own. Instead they should liaise with at least two other appropriate Council Members first, and make their decision on the basis of this. It is recommended that a record of these discussions be kept.
 +//Formally adopted at 2012 AGM. Last review: 11/06/12//
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