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 **Reports to:** Quarterly at BCA Council, and annually at Annual General Meeting. **Reports to:** Quarterly at BCA Council, and annually at Annual General Meeting.
-**Terms of Reference:​** ​//to be completed//+**Terms of Reference:​** ​ 
 +BCA Training Standing Committee Terms of Reference (accepted at AGM 9th June 2019) 
 +  * The organisation of training, club and regional training events and the administration of training grants. (other than for BCA awards administered by the QMC) 
 +  * Liaison with other BCA Committees including E&T and C&A on matters affecting training and, where necessary, the dissemination of information relating to training to cavers, clubs and regional councils. 
 +  * Liaising with regional councils and other bodies to address matters relating to training as they arise. 
 +  * Promoting training for cavers and clubs by way of good practice on effective training methods, such guidelines ​to be provided on a non-mandatory basis. 
 +  * Liaising with the QMC on matters of training when required. 
 +  * Responsible in association with the QMC and BCA National Council in formulating and maintaining an effective training policy. 
 +  * Representing,​ within established protocols, matters of training and training process raised by any major incident involving cavers. 
 **Standard Operating Procedures:​** //to be completed// **Standard Operating Procedures:​** //to be completed//
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