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 ====== Publications & Info ====== ====== Publications & Info ======
 \\ \\
-**Publications ​Information Committee**+At the 2019 Annual General Meeting (9th June) the decision was taken to remove the Publications ​and Information ​Standing ​Committee ​and instead replace it with a single Publications and Information Officer position. The following is an interim description which is pending review by BCA Council and approval at a General Meeting.
-**Convenor:​** Vacant //(due for re-election in June 2020)//+The Publications and Information ​(P&IOfficer will be responsible for ensuring that all BCA publications are accurate and compliant with BCA branding and policies. The P&I Officer will also be responsible for promoting the BCA both to its members and the wider population. The facets covered by the P&I Officer include:
-**Membership:** Representatives from each of the [[http://​british-caving.org.uk/?​page=131|Constituent Bodies]] ​and [[http://​www.british-caving.org.uk/?​page=88|Regional Councils]] as well as the Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster.+  ​Website 
 +  ​Social media 
 +  ​Publicity 
 +  ​Promotion ​and marketing 
 +  * Publications 
 +  * Media liaison 
 +  * News
-**Meetings:​** Meets as requiredusually prior to Council Meetingsarranged by Convenor.+It is expected that the P&I Officer will appoint and instruct the necessary people to assist in these various facetsincluding but not limited ​to a WebmasterMedia Liaison Officer, Newsletter Editor and any others they feel necessary, to be appointed annually (typically at the first Council meeting after each AGM) as co-opted non-voting positions on BCA Council
-**Reports:​** Quarterly at BCA Council, ​and annually at Annual General Meeting.+The P&I Officer is elected ​and holds a vote in the same way as the chair of a Standing Committee, as defined in the constitution.
-**Terms of Reference:​** //to be completed// 
-**Standard Operating Procedures:​** //to be completed// 
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