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Online access to CREG journals

Post by David Gibson » Wed 02 Jan 2013 13:31

In addition to purchasing a subscription to the printed journals, you can now access CREG journals online. Online access is via a personal 'userID' and an 'access code'. These credentials will give you access to all of CREG's online content for the period of your online subscription. At the moment, we are only placing issues online as they are published but we do intend to put back-issues online at some stage in the future. Unlike a paper subscription, which is for four issues of the journal, whenever they are published, online subscriptions will be for fixed period of time (but we are not yet sure whether this will be for 12 months from the date of purchase, or for a calendar year plus roll-over).

Online access is free to all subscribers to the printed journal. Your access credentials will be printed on the address label of your mailed journal. If you need a reminder, please email If you are a member of BCRA, your BCRA user-id will also give you access to CREG online content.

You can purchase an online-only subscription for GBP 4.00/year. Please use the existing form at When we process your payment we will email your user-id to you. Our renewals procedure, and arrangements for online access may be a bit haphazard for a while, until we integrate fully with BCRA's system. If you have any queries please email

Renewing your online subscription: Please note that if you have an online-only subscription and you want to be notified when a new journal is available then you should subscribe to the CREG-announce or BCRA Notices lists, both at or to the Speleonics list at We will not contact you individually so please ensure that you "self-manage" your subscription to one of the above lists.

How online access works: To view CREG's online content, go to the CREG journal page at Downloads are indicated by padlock icons. An open padlock indicates a free download; a closed padlock indicates a subscriber-only download. If you click on the download link you will be asked to log in with your user-id and access code. For information about how to identify these codes on your mailing wrapper, please refer to