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"Try Caving Weekend" Insurance

Posted: Sat 11 Nov 2006 16:55
by ship-badger
Our Club (RFDCC) are keen to get involved with this event. Cookies announcement says insurnce is not an issue as anyone coming along to "Try Caving" will be insured under the rules for "Temporary Club Members". My understanding is that a Club is allowed a maximum of 10% of it's membership in any year as "Temporary Members". If this is still the case, then we will only be able to allow about 6 people to "Try Caving".

Is the 10% Rule still in force. If it is, is there to be a temporary lifting of the Rule for the weekend in question.

Advice please.

Posted: Tue 14 Nov 2006 22:58
by Nick Williams
The intention is that this rule will be done away with entirely for 2007. When I have time to update the FAQ, I will explain fully how this will work, but basically there will be no charge for temporary members in 2007.