Proposal for Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations

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Proposal for Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations

Post by David Cooke » Tue 08 Aug 2006 01:08

Alan Dempster wrote:I heard today of an HSC consultation on a new proposal for Work at Height (Amendment) Regulations - comments required by 31st October.

The consultation document is available on:

I have had a very quick look but as it is 70 pages it has been a cursory scan. It seems to affect mainly those who are paid (or self-employed) to teach caving / climbing techniques. From my brief glance it looks as though it is more sensible than the last lot, and claims to have been produced in collaboration with the Adventure Activities Industry Advisory Committee. More importantly it proposes a test of "an equivalent level of safety" to national governing body guidelines.

However, given our civil service's delight in "gold-plating" EEC regulations, it might pay for as many people as possible to read the document and make comment!
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