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Issue Tracking system wanted for BCA Enquiries

Posted: Fri 09 May 2014 17:52
by David Gibson
For some time (years!) I have thought that BCA/BCRA could benefit from an "Issue Tracking" system, so that enquiries could be properly tracked. This would be of most use for Membership and Sales, (i.e. myself, Glenn, Katie and Mary and, to a lesser extent, Jenny and the two treasurers). Im wondering if there is any chance that a volunteer could step forward to implement one? As a starting point, you could take a look at a list of such software given in Wikipedia.

Left to my own devices, I will probably never get around to this but, if i did, then I would be inclined to draw up a spec of a bespoke (because of the particular way our membership team works) system because the "fun" is in writing the software, not implementing an existing system :-) . I have experience of ticketing systems from the customer point-of-view and, I have to say, some of them appear to be poorly put together.