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DYO space requirements

Posted: Sun 10 Nov 2013 22:36
by David Cooke
Brendan wrote:We are about ready to swap out the Dan Yr Ogof website.

There are a few amends and tests to complete tomorrow, but should be in
place to swap over content Tuesday.

The current site is using about 73MB, the new site currently stands at

We will want to add some more content and conservation documents to
the site in due course.

I would like to verify that there will be sufficient space and that there
should be headroom for additional content in future.

Re: DYO space requirements

Posted: Sun 10 Nov 2013 22:42
by David Cooke
Hi Brendan,

On the basic package you have 200MB to play with. Some of that will be lost to any mail boxes, databases, statistic logs, etc.

The worst point will be when you have both the new and old site residing on the server. In your case you are currently using 100MB. Add 93MB for the new site and you are under your 200MB limit so you should be fine.

Once you delete the old site you'll have an extra 73MB to play with for future expansion.

Don't overlook the fact that DYO is in a privileged position being funded by BCA as a service to cavers. Your website costs are covered by BCA. If you can justify an increase in webspace, BCA will pay for that.