BCRA Field Meeting to Norber

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BCRA Field Meeting to Norber

Post by Trevor Faulkner » Fri 03 Apr 2009 11:45

Summer Karst Science Field Meeting - Wednesday 24th June 2009
Norber Boulders, North Yorkshire

The British Cave Research Association is pleased to invite you to its Summer 2009 Karst Science Field Meeting that will be held from 10.00am on Wednesday 24 June 2009. The aim of the meeting is to review and evaluate the various ideas about the formation of the pedestals beneath the glacial erratic boulders at Norber, near Austwick, North Yorkshire. The meeting will be jointly led by Dr. Helen Goldie, Dr. Brian Parry and Professor John Gunn, who have each studied these and other pedestal rocks and recently published their findings about the several different processes involved. This extra karst science field meeting also follows presentations given at the 20th BCRA Cave Science Symposium held on 7 March 2009 in Sheffield. The Dalesbridge Centre, near Austwick, North Yorkshire: dalesbridge.co.uk will be used as the base venue.

The programme is expected to include introductory talks at Dalesbridge, followed by shared travel to Norber Brow. We shall then investigate various sites at Norber proposed by the leaders, whilst also eating lunch in the field. The meeting will conclude with a final discussion at Dalesbridge and close at about 4pm. Arrangements will be left fairly flexible, to take into account any special requests from participants and to minimise potential disruption by adverse weather conditions. This event should appeal to those interested in the evolution of the Dales landscape, and will cover topics including Late Glacial and Holocene solutional lowering rates, subglacial preservation, extent of vegetation during the Holocene, and potential anthropogenic influences. Full outdoor clothing should be brought, together with lunch packs. The visit to Norber will require mild hill-walking on uneven ground. As this meeting is being held in term time, it is unlikely that children will attend.

Intending participants should register their interest by Friday 5 June 2009 by email to the meeting secretary, Dr. Trevor Faulkner (See BCRA events diary) or, for initial queries, by telephone at: +44 (0)1625 531558. Final communications about the programme will be sent by email to those who have registered. There will be a small charge, to include morning and afternoon refreshments, of £6, or £5 for BCRA members, or £4 for students. Dalesbridge offers plentiful parking and various types of accommodation, including camping @ £4 each+ £2 per tent, bunk house @ £14 each, and private room, which can be booked directly via their website.

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