News; August 2016

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News; August 2016

Post by David Gibson » Fri 09 Sep 2016 15:26

Email delivery problems
Apologies. There have been a couple of glitches on this email list, which may have resulted in some of you missing the last mailing on 1 September. One ongoing problem is that AOL keeps rejecting messages from this server; although, if that is still happening, you wont be reading this, of course.

Cave and Karst Science
Cave and Karst Science 43(2) was mailed at the end of August. It is now available online at there were some errors in the online version of the previous issue 43(1) in the paper on "Maze caves of the Northern Pennines". The version published on paper was correct, and the online version has now been corrected.

Cave Science Symposium and Annual General Meeting
Our 2016 symposium and AGM will be on 22 October in Oxford. Further details of the symposium are on the BCRA News Forum at The AGM Agenda will be circulated in a couple of weeks.

Cave Studies booklets
We have made some slight updates and corrections to Cave Studies #17, The Grotte Casteret. The new version is available as a download and can be ordered on paper too. (The updates are only slight - see page 48 [which is page 50 of the PDF]). We have reprinted Cave Studies #1, "Caves and Karst of the Yorkshire Dales: A Field Guide", by Tony Waltham and Martin Davies. This is the oldest of the Cave Studies booklets, published in 1987. Please note that the text has not been revised, merely pre-printed. Obviously the geology has not changed in 30 years, but there will be some caves that are not mentioned in the booklet. This booklet is available as a download and can be ordered on paper too.