News; May 2015

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News; May 2015

Post by David Gibson » Wed 27 May 2015 11:58

Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales: new chapters online
A further three chapters of volume 2 of Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales, by Tony Waltham and David Lowe are now available online at These are ...
  • ch.17 - Caves of Dentdale and Wild Boar Fell,
  • ch.27 - Caves of Grassington Moor,
  • ch.32 - Caves of the Northern Pennines.
Further chapters will be available during 2015 and, once they are all online, a paper edition of the book will be published.

PLEASE NOTE: To access this online publication you will need a valid BCRA user-id. Non-members can purchase one for £8/month. The free monthly user-ids, issued for C&KS, will NOT allow you to download this material.

Cave & Karst Science: Layman's Summaries
For some time now, Charlie Self has been preparing his "Layman's Summaries" of some of the papers in Cave and Karst Science. These were intended to appear in Speleology but, clearly, the irregularity of publication has prevented this. However, all the Layman's Summaries are available online. The C&KS contents listing pages include links to the Summaries. Additionally, the overview page at now indicates which issues of C&KS have one of more Summaries associated with them.

Exploring the Limestone Landscapes of the Cumbrian Ring
This book - the latest in our Cave Studies series - will be available in June. Those who attended the Cumbrian Ring field meeting at the end of April were each given a pre-publication draft copy. The published First Edition will be very similar to this, with some slight updates, as a result of a final proof-reading exercise. When the book is published, the web page will contain a list of corrections to the draft edition.

BCA's new online newsletter
A reminder: BCA [sic] now has an online newsletter. The URL for the April edition is ... ents:apr15