"Caves as objects of history and culture"

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"Caves as objects of history and culture"

Post by galkas » Sat 23 May 2015 13:40

International Scientific Forum "Caves as objects of history and culture" will be held in museum-reserve "Divnogorye", near Voronezh, Russia 19-22 April 2016:
Aim of the forum is to exchange the experience in the field of research and protection of underground objects: natural caves, underground architectural constructions, old mines.

The main themes:
- Caves associated with historical events;
- Artificial caves as objects of cultural heritage (underground architectural constructions, old mines);
- Rock painting and cave graffiti;
- Sacred complexes in natural and artificial caves (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, pagan and so on);
- Idea of underground space in the culture of different nations, its value and mythologization;
- Underground space in ancient literature (up to and including the XVIII century);
- Historical city and military underground constructions;
- Problems of protection of caves and related applied research;
- Musefication of caves: technical, ethical and legal aspects


16-17 April 2016 - excursions;
19 of April 2016 - Voronezh Arrival and registration of participants. Opening Ceremony. Session. Evening GUIDED TOUR around Voronezh;
20 of April 2016 - Transfer to the Museum-Reserve Divnogorye (https://www.facebook.com/divnogormz), excursion to the museum-reserve Kostenki, Ostrogozhsky Historical and Art Museum named by I.N. Kramskoy. Resettlement. GUIDED TOUR to the cave complex in Bolshie (Big) Divy;
21of April 2016 - Session. Opening of the photo exhibitions. GUIDED TOUR to the cave complex in Malie (small) Divy and monuments of the museum-reserve;
22 of April 2016 - Excursion to the Kostomarovsky cave complex. Trapeza at the monastery. Excursion to the Belogorsky cave complex. The final session. Banquet;
23-24 April 2016 - excursions

http://www.divnogor.ru/usr/files/about/ ... 16_eng.pdf