Membership Renewals and Status of Periodicals

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Membership Renewals and Status of Periodicals

Post by David Gibson » Mon 15 Dec 2014 11:17

The BCA DIM membership renewal letters are now in the post. You can renew online at

The renewal letter includes a note asking members to visit the BCRA Forum to find out the latest news concerning the BCRA periodicals Speleology and Cave & Karst Science. So please read on...
  • There is a summary schedule of the publication dates of BCRA periodicals at
  • Cave & Karst Science is on schedule, with issue 40(3) currently In Press and expected to be mailed in December.
  • For Speleology the situation is not so clear. The last issue was published in February 2014. It has proved to be very difficult to maintain the intended publishing schedule for Speleology, and it now looks like there will not be another issue until February 2015. However, it may then be possible to get back to something like normality... we'll see. At some point, the back issues of Speleology will be placed online at but there has been a delay here, also. As the original creator of Speleology, and its current editor, I will be posting come comments and explanations here, over the next few weeks. But no time now...
Update 12 June 1015... See the new thread, here