News: March 2014

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News: March 2014

Post by David Gibson » Tue 04 Mar 2014 12:07

  • First chapter of Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales: volume 2 now available for download
  • Cave & Karst Science 40(3) and CREG Journal 85 now published and available online
  • Open Access to Cave & Karst Science Online is now available
Caves & Karst of the Yorkshire Dales: volume 2
The first chapter of Volume 2, Caves of Ingleborough, is now on the BCRA website where it is available as a PDF download. BCRA Members will need to use the User-ID and access code given on your membership card. Non-members can purchase an ID. IMPORTANT: if you have not used your BCRA user ID before, please read to find out how to interpret the info on your membership card.

Other chapters of the Yorkshire Dales book will follow during the next two years, as and when they are prepared; the next one will be Caves of Wharfedale and Littondale. A printed volume will be published when all the chapters are completed, and the target date for that is late 2015. The editors, Tony Waltham and Dave Lowe, write...

"A significant benefit of producing the individual chapters in electronic format is that they can be updated, corrected and improved (but only by the editors). Although the Ingleborough chapter has been proofed with care, there might well be errors within its pages, and new explorations will render parts of it out-of-date. There may also be better photographs by cavers not directly known to the editors, who would therefore welcome any offered images. The reward for providing a photograph for the book is only the glory of a credit line, but it would be good to include some of the excellent work by the new generation of very talented cave photographers. The editors therefore invite corrections, updates and new photos for the Ingleborough chapter. We also welcome photographs for any of the future chapters. We thank the authors and contributors who make the Volume possible, and hope that all Dales cavers, and indeed those from elsewhere, will approve of this chapter and the forthcoming chapters.

Cave & Karst Science 40(3) and CREG Journal 85 now published
C&KS 40(3) has now been mailed, and is available online. CREG journal 85 has been published and is now available online. However, due to a lack of volunteer effort, it will not be posted for a few days and may not reach subscribers until 10 March. Speleology 19 was published a few weeks ago. It is not yet available online; but possibly by the end of March?

Open Access to Cave & Karst Science Online is now available
We have now implemented "open access" to the online version of Cave & Karst Science. Non-members of BCRA can now register for a free user ID (valid for a month) to allow them to download any of the available online content of C&KS. To take advantage of this scheme, simply click on a download link and you will be asked to log in or to register for free access. Please note that Open Access applies only to C&KS (and in due course, to Speleology). It does not apply to the rest of BCRA's online content, e.g. the Yorkshire Dales book.