2014 Cave Science Symposium - 25 October 2014

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2014 Cave Science Symposium - 25 October 2014

Post by David Gibson » Sat 21 Sep 2013 19:32

Updated by David Gibson on 11 Jan 2014

BCRA has decided to move its Cave Science Symposium from March to a new regular time of a Saturday in mid October each year. This will avoid travel problems caused by ice or snow for both the Symposium and any associated Field Meeting on the Sunday, whilst also allowing the BCRA AGM to be held within the Symposium.

The next Cave Science Symposium will be held at the University of Birmingham on Saturday 25 October 2014. As usual, oral and poster presentations will be invited on any cave science topic. The partial theme will be Speleothem Studies, and it is hoped to devote one of the four sessions to this topic. A local karst science field meeting will probably by organised on Sunday 26 October 2014. Please therefore reserve these dates in diaries, and consider suitable presentations that you could offer for the Symposium.

The timetable for formal Circulars is as follows:

First Circular January 2014: Confirmation of the Symposium date and venue and the formal call for papers. Titles and abstracts will be needed by Mid August 2014.

Second Circular Mid June 2014: More details about the Symposium and Field Meeting, and a reminder about the deadline for abstracts.

Third Circular Mid September 2014: All necessary details about the venue and the provisional Programme.

Trevor Faulkner
BCRA Cave Science Lecture Secretary