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Welcome to the HeyPhone forum

Post by David Gibson » Thu 01 Feb 2007 10:02

This forum is for users and constructors of the HeyPhone cave radio to exchange ideas, hints and tips. The HeyPhone web pages at http://bcra.org.uk/creg/heyphone/ are de facto not being actively maintained as well as they once were, so this forum is the place where you can find out information that is not on the web site. Of course, that depends on somebody being willing to post the information here - and that depends on everybody chipping in.

BCRA's Cave Radio & Electronics Group (CREG) has no 'official' role in supporting the HeyPhone. Obviously, its members try to help when they can, but an online community such as this is exactly what it says - a place where everybody chips in. It is not a place where any one person has any overall 'responsibility'!

Discussions in this forum will be 'on-topic' if they relate to other 'cave radio' type issues, including Graham Naylor's Système Nicola (see http://bcra.org.uk/creg/index.html#naylor), and to radiolocation projects such as Brian Pease's beacon (see http://bcra.org.uk/creg/index.html#pease)