BCA e-mail problems

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Nick Williams
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BCA e-mail problems

Post by Nick Williams » Thu 26 Jul 2007 10:01

Due to a misconfiguration error (my fault!) e-mails sent to Glenn Jones using several different BCA e-mail addresses (at least g.jones@british-caving.org.uk, membership@british-caving.org.uk and membership-admin@british-caving.org.uk were all affected) since about 15:00 on Tuesday afternoon (24 July) will have bounced or got lost.

The problem has now been solved, so if anyone has sent any messages to these addresses beween then and now, please could they re-send them.

I have also cured a different problem with the 'admin@british-caving.org.uk' address (not my fault! this time) which will now also deliver messages to Glenn. This problem is probably the root cause of several reported cases of people not receiving messages sent to BCA over recent months.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused.