Club huts and "household" insurance

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Club huts and "household" insurance

Post by mendip » Fri 09 Feb 2007 00:31

Are there any club treasurers out there who would be prepared to exchange some info with me about insurance for club huts?

I am Treasurer for Mendip Caving Group and we have always been insured with the same insurer. I am talking "household" insurance, not Public Liability insurance.

I have no idea if the rate we are being charged is reasonable, or even if there is more than one insurer offering this kind of cover.

I dont want to post details of our premium on a public forum like BCA, and I dont want other clubs to do so either. But it may be mutually helpful if other treasurers would contact me and we can compare what we are being charged, who we are insured with etc?

I can be contacted by email to treasurer"at"

Martin R