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Cavers in Poland

Posted: Wed 09 Oct 2013 14:30
by Helena13

Have been caving in the UK for about 3 years now and am having to move to Poland later this month for a 9-month long uni course. Naturally, cannot quit caving for that long.. :D Could anyone who's been caving in Poland and/or knows any Polish cavers who might interested in showing me around the hidden Polish gems, put me in touch with them please? Will be staying in Krakow in Southern Poland and have heard there may be some good caves out in the Southern hills!

Thanks for your help,

Re: Cavers in Poland

Posted: Fri 11 Oct 2013 20:04
by David Cooke
Hi Helena,

You could also try asking in the ukCaving Forum

Re: Cavers in Poland

Posted: Sun 13 Oct 2013 16:55
by AMW
You could try :Agata

Nice chap and runs caving gear.