GB Closed - No longer. Lock is fixed.

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GB Closed - No longer. Lock is fixed.

Post by David Cooke » Fri 26 May 2006 13:12

Chris Binding (CSCC C&A Officer) wrote: Friday 26th May 06

Received a report from ACG that an unknown key has been forced into the security padlock at GB Cavern and snapped off in the lock, thereby denying access to visiting cavers since the padlock is inoperable.

The senior CCC Ltd. representatives who oversee lock supply and maintenance left for a fortnight's holiday today and cannot be contacted.

There is a possibility that the broken key part may be removed from the padlock by a locksmith but it may take a while to get hold of one - and probably not before the end of the bank holiday.

The padlock is a security lock, costing around £100; they are not easy to disable with bolt croppers so its removal and replacement with a temporary padlock is not an easy option.

I may be able to bypass the padlock by another method and put a chain/alternative padlock on as an interim measure but due to pressures on time this will not be possible before Saturday or even Sunday.

Therefore, for the time being at least, no visits to GB Cavern are possible.

PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BYPASS THE LOCK WITH CUTTING EQUIPMENT - this will only make matters worse (and possibly more expensive!).

If you're down on Mendip over the bank holiday and plan a visit to GB why not visit Tynings Barrows Swallet instead? - key is held at Tynings Farm by Mr. Wreakes. His number is in the book.
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Padlock successfully replaced with spare GB padlock

Post by Canda@CSCC » Fri 26 May 2006 22:33

Cookie, Les Williams and myself replaced like-for-like padlocks at GB Cavern this evening, Friday 26th May 06.

Normal access to GB Cavern is restored.

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