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Swildon's Hole - More movements 25/11/09

Posted: Fri 27 Nov 2009 15:31
by David Cooke
Les Williams wrote: There have been more movements in Swildon's Entrance, this time just inside the entrance. The water has undermined some of the slabs and it was necessary to ease them down into a safer position. This whole area is still unstable and needs to be watched. Please treat it with respect.

The slope to the left of the climb down is currently blocked and because of the hole, the climb down is quite committing. If anyone is struggling with the climb a less exposed and easier route is to use the rift at the start of the Zig Zags (Turn right in the entrance, brings you out in Showerbath Chamber). Please take care, the whole entrance area down as far as Showerbath is unstable.
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