Mendip Caving 2008. 6th-8th June 2008

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Mendip Caving 2008. 6th-8th June 2008

Post by David Cooke » Thu 22 May 2008 14:22

Mendip Caving 2008 is a weekend (6-8th June) of events and entertainment for Mendip cavers. This weekend gives you the opportunity learn something new, do some caving, have some fun, and party, party, party! So - get yourself along and spread the word around your caving friends. Let's make it a good one!

Events include:

  • Films and photos in the Long Room Hunter's Lodge Inn. If you have stuff to show, bring it along.
  • BCRA Regional Meet. Talks and lectures in Priddy Village Hall on Upper Flood, Withybrook, Historic Films, Wigmore and more.
  • Training. Region Council training above and below ground. Courtesy Andy Sparrow.
  • Lead caving trips.
  • Wessex Challenge. Teams of 6. You will need some form of chariot to convey one of your team members.
  • BBQ provided by MCR.
  • Cavers Stomp in the Village Hall. Live music provided by Loose Change.
  • MCR Rescue Store Open Day and kit demonstrations.
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