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Loxton Cavern (aka "Found Cave of Loxton")

Posted: Wed 01 Mar 2006 10:06
by CandaCSCC
With thanks to Nick Harding & Nick Richards of BEC, the leader system for this "new" cave on Mendip has now been established. Clubs with leaders include ACG, Cheddar CC, CSS, MCG, SMCC, SBSS, UBSS, WCC.

All keys sent

Posted: Fri 10 Mar 2006 08:47
by CandaCSCC
All leaders have now been sent keys and trips have begun.

Please be minded that there is a scaffold pole in the entrance shaft which is stored, leaning against the side - it is not fixed and has already provided mild entertainment for a caver expecting to use it as a solid hand hold.

The base of the entrance shaft has been stabilised with drymix but please report any movements in the log book or online or via (preferably the latter as it will definitely be read).