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Star Shaft

Posted: Sat 07 Oct 2006 21:02
by Canda@CSCC
Star Shaft (formerly known as Star Mine Shaft): this CSCC-funded major capping project has now been completed.

Mark Ireland in the main shaft prior to the new capping being installed:

Temporary covers (blue panels) opened to expose the walled shaft:

Delivery of the specially designed capping sections:

Installing the first section:

Installing the second section:

The CSCC would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous help, freely given, of the following people who ensured that this project ran as smoothly as possible: Chris Binding, Les Davies (the Mendip Hills AONB Warden for grant aid), Mark Ireland, Paul Wakeling (for kindly and expertly fabricating the new entrance metalwork), Doug Harris, Alan Gray, Mick Norton, Hugh Tucker, Elaine Johnson, Justin Urch and his colleagues, and Steve Bambridge of Milbury Systems for his patience and assistance.

The padlock on the cap requires the standard CSCC key.

A financial breakdown of the project is listed in the CSCC minutes of the September 06 general meeting (see CSCC website, documents section).

A low-grade survey has been done by the WCC.

Concern has been expressed about the conservation of the old mining artefacts in the level near the bottom of the shaft (which is
often flooded), and there are plans for a secondary (internal) gate to be installed lower in the mine in order to protect them. If you visit the site please leave any artefacts in situ - they should be respected as superb examples of local mining history/archaeology.

There are plans to place anchors for SRT use in the main and secondary shaft.

Posted: Sat 14 Oct 2006 23:09
by Canda@CSCC
14th October 06:

Today p-anchors were installed at the second pitch head and also on the main entrance pitch (single anchor rebelay at approx -8m with a deviation at about -11m) allowing either a single free hang of 25m or a split pitch for SRT practice. The rebelay is user-friendly, situated adjacent to a convenient small ledge; the deviation* will reduce any likelihood of a rub-point.

* Cord left in situ - may be extended with sling/krab.

Posted: Sat 14 Oct 2006 23:12
by Les Williams
What is the water level like?

Posted: Sun 15 Oct 2006 09:01
by Canda@CSCC
The honest answer is "we didn't go down the second pitch as we had no cause to; however, now the resin is fixed (i.e. from today) it should be pretty simple to safely rig a line for SRT to bomb down and have a look; are WCC ready to gate it at the water level?

Posted: Sun 15 Oct 2006 19:12
by Canda@CSCC
Placing anchors in main shaft.
Pic: Andrew Atkinson