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BCRA Photo Salon at HE 2010

Posted: Mon 06 Sep 2010 10:48
by David Gibson
As last year, we have an online entry form for the photo salon, which is supposed to save you time at the check-in desk. Go to

It really would be a great help if you used this form. (And if you reported to me if its not working :-[ ) Last year there was a cock-up which meant that the form info did not arrive at the venue, but ... if it HAD arrived, it would have been very useful.

Also, please note that the address for postal entries on the web site has been updated. Please DO NOT send your postal entries to Footleg's address as, for one thing, he does not live there any more. Please send your entries to me, (address on web site at but note that postal entries have to be with me by this coming Friday. As usual, of course, you can enter on the day, although if you can manage to enter online, in advance, that would be helpful.