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Hidden Earth Salons - Art, Photo, Survey, Video

Posted: Wed 05 Sep 2018 11:24
by David Cooke
Entry forms for the Hidden Earth salon competitions are now online and ready to use. For the VIDEO and PHOTO salons you must enter in advance. Please see for the precise deadlines, which are a few days before the event. For the ART and SURVEY salons we would prefer you to enter in advance, as it makes the paperwork much easier to handle, but you can enter on the day if you have to. For all the salons, file uploads must be completed by the Friday evening, 21 September.

If you havent entered the events before, the entry form will "walk" you through the process, and you will also find rules and guidelines on the mail Hidden Earth web site. Apart from the digital category in the photo salon (for which entries must be uploaded), you should take your work to the exhibition area on the Saturday morning when the salon organisers will explain how to display it. If you have any queries, please email the relevant salon organiser, listed at . If you have a problem with the forms, please email David Gibson (address listed here)