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Hidden Earth 2017 - Booking Form

Posted: Sun 27 Aug 2017 20:58
by David Gibson
Hidden Earth bookings are now open.

With apologies for the delay, advance bookings are now open for Hidden Earth 2017, which runs from Friday 29 Sept. to Sunday 1 Oct. See for information about the event, which will be at Churchill Academy in the Mendips. For advance bookings, please go to That URL is currently not linked to the main Hidden Earth web site, but that will be fixed soon.

Booking in advance saves you a modest amount of money and it also saves you from a long queue at the check-in desk. Certain items - like the conference dinner and club stands - can only be booked in advance, up to the closing date for advance bookings, which is 23:00 BST on Saturday 23 September.

Entry forms for the four 'salon' competitions - Art, Photo, Survey and Video - will be available soon. Entries for these salons must be made in advance. For the Art, Photo and Survey salons, the closing date for entries has been extended to 23:00 BST on Thursday 28 September. For the Video salon, the closing date is 23:00 BST on Saturday 23 September.

When the salon forms are available (hopefully in the next couple of days), an announcement will be made on the and bulletin boards as well as on the Hidden Earth Facebook page.

Re: Hidden Earth 2017 - Booking Form

Posted: Thu 07 Sep 2017 16:27
by David Gibson
Apologies for the continued delay. The Hidden Earth competition entry forms for the four salons (Art, Photo, Video and Survey) are now online. Go to and follow the links or take a short-cut to

Despite the late arrival of these entry forms you do need to enter the competitions in advance - this is especially important for the Photo and Video salons. However, it is usually the case that hardly anyone enters till the last moment so Im hoping that means that none of you are particularly inconvenienced by my delays.

dont forget - although these are billed as "competitions", the salons are more than just a competition –they are an opportunity to show your work and to receive feedback from your peers. Somebody has to win, but the 'winning' is only part of the process. An equal, if not a more important part of the competition, is that you get to show your work, see the work of others, discuss it and improve yourself. People do not just enjoy the winning entry – they enjoy seeing everybody's work and we hope you will also enjoy the chance to show your work to others.

In the likely event that the entry forms contain bugs, do let me know.