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BCRA Photo Salon at Hidden Earth

Posted: Wed 10 Sep 2014 13:53
by David Gibson
At Hidden Earth this year, the Photo Salon co-ordinator, Paul Dold will be chairing an informal discussion of the displayed photos. This will take place by the Photo Salon display boards at lunchtime on the Sunday, for approximately one hour. Paul is chairman of the judges panel this year and he will be able to explain how the judging process took place, including, for example
  • The impact / appeal / first impressions of the judges
  • How the judges interpreted the photographer’s intention
  • What the judges thought of the presentation, composition, lighting and so on
We are doing this because a number of people have asked for constructive comments and, in fact, several photographers have been happy to provide this, informally, at Hidden Earth in past years. Hopefully, by bringing this all together in one session it will be of benefit to as many people as possible and will provide encouragement and support. As this is the first time we have done this, we do not know how many people will be interested, and so the session will be flexible and will allow for questions from the floor as well as a summary of the judges comments from their earlier judging session.

A Reminder: this year, entries to the photo salon must be made in advance at here by 11pm on the Friday of the conference weekend. Entries on the day will not be accepted.