BCRA Photo Salon at Hidden Earth 2014

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BCRA Photo Salon at Hidden Earth 2014

Post by David Gibson » Wed 30 Apr 2014 17:52

BCRA Photo Salon at Hidden Earth 2014 - online entries only!

Please note that, in 2014, entries to the BCRA photo salon at Hidden Earth must be made in advance, online by 11pm on Friday 26 September. Entry forms may not be submitted by post and there will be no entries on the day. You can, of course, continue to post your prints to us if you cannot attend Hidden Earth, but you must complete an online form first (and please note the deadline for posting your prints to us, which is two weeks before the event).

We have been working towards this point for some years now, by trialling an online entry form. The reason for insisting on it now, is that it makes our volunteers' jobs much easier if they have access to a pre-printed list of entries. (Forms completed by hand, on the day, have a tendency to disappear just when you need them). Of course, another option would be for a computer terminal to be made available for entries-on-the-day but that is problematic, as it depends on too many 'single points of failure' in the system (and needs a dedicated volunteer to drive it).

We always try to be scrupulously fair to entrants to the competitions. So, having warned you all that there will be no entries on the day, it would be very unfair to then let someone enter on the day, so please note: there will be no entries on the day!

Online entry and No-entries-on-the-day will become a permanent feature of the Photo Salon, as part of our planning for Euro Speleo 2016, which will replace Hidden Earth in 2016.