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Hidden Earth T-Shirt Competition - volunteer needed

Posted: Sat 11 May 2013 11:50
by David Gibson
T-Shirt Design Competition. We're short of a volunteer to run the "Best Club T-Shirt" competition this year. If anyone's interested in volunteering, this is a rough "job description"...
  • Turn up on Friday evening with enough signs and notices and paraphernalia that you require to display the T-shirts. (This could be just a washing line and pegs, or coat-hangers, but other options are possible. We will give you a list of people to talk to in advance, who might be able to give you ideas; and its possible (Les?) that we have some display material ourselves, left over from previous years).
  • Rig your display, under the supervision of the trade hall manager. Because youre new to the job, and because each venue is different, be prepared for a significant amount of compromise and ad-hoc working.
  • Competition entry is "on the day" so you need to be present throughout Saturday morning to receive entries, check that forms are filled in, hang the entries, provide advice to entrants etc.
  • Label the entries. This may involve some computer data entry under supervision of one of the Technical team or Photo Salon team.
  • Keep an eye on everything T-shirt-related throughout the weekend.
  • Clear up on Sunday afternoon.
Further Information
  • The rules of the competition are essentially those of the Art Salon, here, where the "missing" text, which I will add if/when we get a volunteer, is We also offer a "T-Shirt artwork" competition. You are invited to display your club T-shirt, featuring your own artwork. There will be a delegate ballot for the best design, and a single prize awarded to the winner.
  • Because the prize is by delegate ballot, being the organiser does not prevent you from entering the competition yourself. Also, because you are an "essential member of staff" you (but not all your mates (unless we find them other jobs to do) :-) will get free admission for the weekend.
  • If youre interested, please contact Les Williams or myself. (Dont post me a PM [they dont seem to work] or reply here . Instead, email me directly via the address here )

Re: Hidden Earth T-Shirt Competition - volunteer needed

Posted: Mon 22 Jul 2013 14:18
by David Gibson
We now have a volunteer for this, so it should be running "as normal" this year.