Joining Fee for Clubs Reduced

The BCA Council recently announced that the membership fees for 2021 are largely unchanged except for a reduction for clubs (see below for a summary).

The fee for Clubs joining the BCA has been reduced to a flat rate of £25 regardless of their size. This is intended to help the Clubs financially in these troubled COVID times, acknowledge their tremendous value to the BCA, and recognise their contribution to the administration of  BCA membership.

Furthermore, we would like to address some concerns regarding the replacement of the CIMs and DIMs membership categories with a single “BCA Member” category. This is required by Proposal 10 of the 2020 AGM (resulting from the levelling of the CIMs and DIMs joining fees, effectively creating a redundant category), which was passed by the membership in an online vote, and is set to be implemented for the 2022 membership year.

Caving clubs will still administer BCA membership for their members so that they don’t have to join the BCA separately, but there will no longer be any difference between these members and those who join the BCA directly. As a result BCA members who join the BCA through their club will soon be able to join the BCRA without becoming DIMs.

Clubs will still administer BCA membership for their members

The BCA hope that Clubs will continue to be an integral part of administering BCA membership, and this is partly reflected by the reduction in the Club membership joining fee. As part of this continuing strong relationship, however, it is vital that Clubs continue to furnish the BCA with accurate contact details for their members. This will enable the BCA to inform our members about BCA matters and ensure that they are able to vote in BCA meetings. The BCA will help our Clubs ensure that this complies with data-protection legislation, which is often the reason for membership information not being passed on.

Phil Rowsell
BCA Chair

You can find out more about individual and group membership (for clubs, access controlling bodies, and associates) on our membership pages.

Individual Membership

Subscription TypeAnnual Rate
Active Caver£17.00
Non-Caver (?)£6.00
Full-Time Student£8.00
Under 18 (on 1st Jan)Free
Fees for Individual Members

Joint Membership

Subscription TypeAnnual Rate
2 Active Cavers£34.00
1 Non-Caver (?), 1 Active Caver£23.00
2 Non-Cavers (?)£12.00
Fees for Joint Members

Club Membership

Membership for Clubs for 2021 is £25

The usual supplementary fees apply for clubs who:

CriteriaAnnual Supplement
are an Access Controlling Body£60
provide accommodation£60
want BCRA membership (optional)£25 / £15 (paperless)
Supplementary Fees

Access Controlling Bodies

Membership for Access Controlling Bodies for 2021 is £60

Associate Membership

Membership for Associate Members for 2021 is £25

The usual supplementary fees apply for associate bodies who:

CriteriaAnnual Supplement
want BCRA membership (optional)£25 / £15 (paperless)
Supplementary Fees

2 replies on “Joining Fee for Clubs Reduced”

Delighted to hear all this. retaining this administration channel, via clubs saves me an awful lot of headaches.

It is a surprise to me that the BCA doesn’t *require* clubs to give their members information – I can’t think of a similar organisation that works this way, especially one that provides insurance to its members.

I hope that clubs will encourage their members to get involved in the organisation that they’re joining, and will facilitate this by sharing the contact information of those members that are happy for it to do so.

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